The Spitfire


Want to stand out and bring your style to life?
The Spitfire Suit Jacket is for you. Light brown and ocher chevron for a committed British style. Opt for this style under a dark colored jacket for a better match or simply on a white shirt, on the handlebars of your Triumph, Norton or other BSA...


  • Main colors from the Jacket suit : ochre, dark brown
  • 1 chest pocket with integrated pocket. To go out or not depending on the circumstance
  • 3 double piped pockets without pocket bottom
  • 5 Navy Recycled Knobs + 1 Custom Maple Knob Monsieur Bobber
  • 1 martingale au dos 

    main fabric : 25% Wool, 30% Polyester, 40% Acrylic
    Inner lining. : 100% Polyester
    Outer lining : 67% Polyester, 33% Viscose

    A doubt about the size of the Jacket suit? Click here.

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