Des matières de grande qualité
At Monsieur Bobber, we have taken the time to select with the best partners the most beautiful fabrics, the most resistant and the most qualitative. A single goal: that you feel comfortable and elegant.
We found French partners, based in the north, a textile land for centuries. Partners who have been supplying ready-to-wear and haute couture for several generations.

The Jacket suit Monsieur Bobber is composed of 3 elements:

The front of the Jacket.

Here, we had to find very high quality fabrics, different weaves, stylish and with as much hold as possible. A maximum of wool or a mixture of wool and polyester will work best. Elegant, high quality and comfortable fabrics.

The back of the Jacket

After a lot of testing, we wanted to find a fabric that was comfortable to wear in all circumstances. Light enough to wear an additional jacket but strong enough to wear the Jacket without a jacket. Here, no shiny material but a matte material, light and goes everywhere. For an incomparable chic, no eccentricity in the back.

The inner lining

Finally, to recall or arouse the "classic biker" spirit that animates you, the interior lining of the Jacket suit is delicately printed "vintage motorcycle". Discreet, except for the wearer. The interior of the Jacket is the whimsical and fun touch of the Jacket.

By the way, we tested our Jackets ourselves to check the quality and durability of the materials. We've done hours of meetings with our Jackets on our backs, under a jacket, without a jacket, at ceremonies and also miles on our classic bikes. Let's say we lived elegantly, "vest in the wind"...