Fabriqué en France

Everything was imagined and made in France, in the North, in the Hauts de France.
Frankly, we asked ourselves the question of manufacturing abroad, outside the EU. But it was far from what we had imagined when launching the project. Yes, cheap. But quality not exceptional, waste with inevitable over-production, unknown manufacturers... and an extraordinary carbon footprint. For all that, no question. Then, we thought about Portugal, renowned for its manufacturing quality? Yes why not. Good quality and attractive manufacturing costs. But no.
For Monsieur Bobber, manufacturing in France is important for several points.
  • First, we wanted to offer an incomparable quality of manufacture. And Fconnection is not just a myth. In France, in the Hauts de France, textile making is an ancestral art. The taste for a job well done. And since we are committed to offering the best to our customers, we won't ask too many questions.
  • Another important point, at Monsieur Bobber, we really want to participate in the local and French economic dynamism. What if as in the legend of the hummingbird, Monsieur Bobber and other brands have the same values, we will sleep even better...
  • Finally, one last, almost unimportant point. At Monsieur Bobber, we always wondered what was the point of bringing textile products from the other side of the world, by plane or by boat with a mind-blowing carbon footprint...

    In short, we try to do things well. And we try to put the quality of the product and our ethics first and foremost.