Une confection responsable

No 2 day delivery! And that's great news!

With us, no overproduction, no waste, no waste. We manufacture 'capsule' collections, in small series and sometimes we produce only when you place an order. So yes, you will have to wait a maximum of 14 days to be stylish but frankly, let's think together...

Producing a T-shirt requires the equivalent of 70 showers. For jeans, that's the equivalent of 285 showers. And big clothing stores throw away millions of unsold items.

At Monsieur Bobber, we prefer to produce on demand or in small series to be sure not to overproduce. It requires more effort from our sewing workshop in France and it costs more to produce, obviously. But without getting knots in the brain, we think it's the right move. Simple, effective, no mess.

So yes, you will receive your package not the next day but after about ten days, the time to make your Jacket with love and responsibility... :)