Monsieur Bobber
Monsieur Bobber offers you a quality, French and responsible Jacket suit for distinguished, demanding and stylish men.

Inspired by the "classic motorcycle" universe, each costume Jacket Monsieur Bobber bears the name of a collector's motorcycle or a technical element specific to ancestor and neo-retro type motorcycles. (Spitfire, 4 p.m., Overturned, Big Four,...)

Whether you're at work, on the weekend or on your classic motorcycle, the Jacket Monsieur Bobber will accompany you everywhere.
Imagined, designed, prototyped and manufactured in France, the Jacket Monsieur Bobber was designed with quality materials. The fabric mainly comes from a French partner who manufactures in Italy, which only produces high-end products for better comfort. Buttons are recycled or wooden, personalized by hand. The assembly is carried out in a specialized professional workshop, in Hauts de France, France.

Finally, the company Monsieur Bobber is based in the Hauts de France and is committed to preparing your orders with love and elegance :)

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